Crosswalk Etiquette: It’s Not That Hard People

A few articles ago, I wrote the thought provoking, non-Pulitzer Prize winning blog about sidewalk etiquette. It still amazes me how hard it is for people to walk on the right side and not block people, but I digress. At least, there are a few people who walk on them correctly and with my daily admonition on how to do so properly, hopefully little by little I will have to put up with less annoying people.

Let’s move on now to something nobody does right. Crosswalks………………………

Crosswalks have an almost identical etiquette to sidewalks, but even the people who follow sidewalk etiquette throw it all out the window when they approach a crosswalk. It’s like people’s brain’s melt.

Let’s start with the waiting on the sidewalk for the light to change. If you have to wait on the sidewalk for the light to change before entering the crosswalk, stand as close to the street as possible so that the path is clear for people walking by. I can’t walk to a street corner without people standing in the middle of the sidewalk waiting for the light to change. STOP DOING THAT! Thank you! Don’t block the sidewalk!

I stand fairly close to the street, but people still will stand right in front of me in order to be first. If you do this, I just have one request – you better walk faster than me…..

If there is not enough time to cross before the light turns, then I have the solution – don’t cross! It’s not fair to the people in cars who can’t go on a green light because you decided to walk across the street when there was 4 seconds left. I find it baffling how some people won’t even hurry.

Crosswalks work like sidewalks. Stay to the right. Everyone seems to just cross with no regards to keeping on the right, and it leads to having to dodge people. If I walk on the right side and you walk on the right side going towards me, we can cross each other without having to dodge each other. Brilliant huh?

Look, I know that crossing the street diagonally can be quicker for you to get to where you are going. If you want to do it, go ahead, AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO CARS… It’s not fair that a car has to stop because you are doing something illegal.

And please use the crosswalk, especially when cars will have to slow-down. It’s not rocket science people.

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