Don’t Date People Who Won’t Change Their Facebook Relationship Status

Am I generally a trusting person? Not really. If I ran things, people who rode their bikes on sidewalks would be waterboarded and questioned for 6 months to determine what gave them that stupid idea and then they would probably be parachuted into North Korea.

But in a relationship, I wouldn’t be in one if I didn’t for the most part trust them. I don’t believe in stalking someone or checking up on them, I am way too lazy for that and it’s just wrong.

So, even though I have been cheated on in the past (I bet he doesn’t make pasta like I do OR get you coffee while you’re sleeping in!). Where was I? Oh yeah, so even though I have been cheated on (I am sure I was WAY better in bed) anyway, yes, so even though I was cheated on, I am always a hopeless romantic and a very optimistic person. So as long as you don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk so that I don’t have you deported to North Korea, I will trust you until I have a reason not to.

What I don’t trust however, is when you are dating someone exclusively and your Facebook says “single” or nothing at all. Facebook has over the years turned kind of into a meat-market. I believe the word is Datebook. It’s kind of special when someone says they are in a relationship with you and visa versa. It’s like wearing a Letterman jacket or a wedding ring. It tells the world, hey “I am in a relationship, send your unsolicited dick pick to someone else.” Awwwwwwwwww.

When someone you are dating doesn’t do that, shit just got real…… Now, they may tell you that they like to keep things private, or that they are waiting to tell their family in person or whatever, like that. This is a trick! A trap! What they are really saying is “I am not sure about us yet, and I want to give it some time before I tell the world.” Perhaps it’s the “we are dating, but I am keeping my options open.” Both are not good things! It’s like people who take off their wedding ring… Hmmmmmmmmm.

Maybe it’s just the romantic in me, but I kinda feel like if you are dating someone, you should change your status and if you don’t, something is totally up…

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