Major Issues I Had With The Last Jedi (SPOILERS!)

WARNING: This article contains multiple spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, simply share the article and bookmark it for further reading.

Now, while I do get annoyed at movies that are so far fetched outside of reality (I always like to think some things could really happen), with movies like Star Wars I tend to let my normal annoyances go and try to enjoy it. That said, there were so many issues that I have with it.

Let’s start with the opening scene……

The Bombers: Now, I don’t pretend to be an astrophysicist on TV or in real life, I have seen plenty of episodes of the Big Bang Theory to know there is something called gravity, and such gravity doesn’t exist in space. So, that opening scene with the bombers? Yeah, couldn’t happen. The bombs would just float.

Space Leia: So Leia finds herself floating in space after an explosion. Being that empty space lacks an atmosphere, space is freaking cold. We are talking over -450 degrees Fahrenheit. You would be instantly dead, I don’t care who you are.

Finn and Rose: This might be one of my biggest issues. Their storyline took up a large part of the movie, but totally didn’t have to happen. They achieved nothing. They went to that planet to find a hacker who only just turned them in. If neither of them where in the movie, the same outcome would have happened. And can you find two people with less chemistry? Now, some might say that their storyline was to show that there will always be hope, but really? We needed 40 minutes or so?

Luke: Luke, a man who lives in the past and is pretty much a hobo and should be on a episode of Dr. Phil. Put down your weird animal breast milk and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Poe and the purple haired chick: She could have just told him their plans to use the transports. There was absolutely no reason to keep it a secret. All of that drama would have been avoided.

Ship speed: I found this particularly annoying. So the Resistance ship pretty much moves at the same speed as the First Order fleet? But the fighters could somehow fly faster and catch up to the Resistance ship but were ordered to go back because they were too far away from the main First Order fleet? Ummmmmmmmmm. What exactly would the fighters be scared of? Kylo and company already took out the ship bay, so no Resistance fighters could be launched…

Turn the ship around already: First of all, the purple haired chick who was number two in command is the only one who can pilot the ship and has to stay around? That ship was filled with pilots who could have done it and were way more expendable. Also, the ship is just going in one direction, nobody installed auto-pilot on that thing? Anyway, she is there by herself even though it’s not logical. It took her long enough to turn the ship around. How many people in transports had to die? Sigh…..

Snoke: The Supreme Leader of the First Order that we know nothing about. He is suppose to be feared and is more powerful than everyone, but was taken out without even a fight. He literally just went on about how he reads minds and controls people yet he wasn’t reading Kylo’s mind right there?

Kylo: Kylo, the petulant child who has daddy issues who had training from the best (Rey had a few lessons that weren’t really lessons about how to do stuff). The dude should be world’s apart from this Rey chick that is still new to the Jedi thing, yet she can take him on. And she can take on all of those other guards who have years of combat training.

The Rebel base: Just so I can get this straight. There is a really strong door that protects the base. But the only way the First Order can get into the base, is destroying this big door. That said, there are small side doors which open which the Resistance army came out of to basically accomplish nothing. Couldn’t the First Order just have went through them? They broke open the large door anyway though, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

I do find it amazing that with so many guns, so much weaponry, the Resistance ships didn’t all get destroyed. That somehow Finn was able to just head full speed to the large cannon which would have destroyed his ship within .00000000000001 seconds. Of course, it was amusing that even though Rose broke away with the rest of them, somehow here ship was twice as fast as Finn’s, because she was able to catch up with him so quickly and at all. And then there is them having a conversation literally RIGHT in front of the First Order’s massive weaponry. Oh, and they were able to get back to the base easily.

Should we talk about how all that firepower didn’t even make so much as a crater in the ground while they were trying to kill Luke?

Conclusion: Look, I get that it’s just a movie. And a movie in a galaxy far far away. That said, I think all of my issues could have been avoided. Even though this is fantasyland, Rose and Finn should have died or at least done at least one thing that would have contributed to something. Awkward………

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