What People Talk About In Public

I find it rather remarkable what people will talk about in public and without even noticing or caring that there are other people in the vicinity.

I would think that most of the time this is rather irrelevant because chances are, the people who can overhear your conversation aren’t listening, don’t know who you are or have no use for the information. But that isn’t always the case.

And people will talk about “ANYTHING.” Talking on the phone during the train ride, telling the whole car that she doesn’t know who the baby’s daddy is and that she might have caught something. People will talk about how they’re cheating on their girlfriend/boyfriend, that they can’t pay their electricity.

The guy talking to his friend at the bar a few weeks telling him that he got an STD makes me want to take his picture and post it over Facebook to warn future women.

But the personal stuff aside. I could really care less who you slept with, if you are preggers and not sure which Chicago Bull is the baby daddy, or that you have a weird rash. The last one I do care about because I am moving two seats down.

What I do find puzzling however, are business conversations. I cannot even recall how many times I was sitting next to a group of people going over their business pitch or client strategy. DUDE, you do not know who I am… You don’t know if I am trying to get the same business or I know people who are. Advertising and digital is a relatively small space.

I have heard people complaining about their company and their clients. It is one thing to complain about your client, but it is another one to let other people know which client you are talking about. How do you know I don’t know the client or better yet, work for the MOFO?
And then if you are at a bar having a few drinks,business people love to chat, chat, chat. They will tell you how X company did this to their burgers and you had to fly to the corporate office to clean up a situation that could have been horrific if people found out. So, like, I am not going to say anything? DUDE, I am posting that shit on Facebook as you tell it. I am practically transcribing your real-time dictating to Facebook.

Startups are the worst. Usually they have meetings in coffee shops, or restaurants because they are still waiting for their office space. I have heard several new ideas that should have been top secret. Luckily for them, I was too busy at the time to execute. But if I wasn’t, there is one I would have “stolen.”

Yes, and people who are on those conference calls at Starbucks, your meeting isn’t as private as you think it is.

It might be a good idea to keep in check what you are actually talking about and how you are talking about things when there are others in close proximity. At least be cognizant of it.

Maybe I think this way because for the most part, I can be a private person. Sure I will post food pictures, once in awhile a political belief or complain about the weather. But for instance, nobody would know that last night I was involved in a 12 person orgy at the Holiday Inn Express while wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. Why? Because I keep that stuff buttoned up people. Nobody needs to know that stuff! Especially people who are around me at a restaurant, train or bar.

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